Functional Testing 

If you’re feeling tired all the time, overwhelmed with where to start, struggle to eat due to digestion issues or food intolerances, this one’s for you…


You might be thinking, this is just the way life is in this season. You maybe went to the doctor but they told you everything looked good. You KNOW something is off, but you cannot pinpoint what it is or what to do about it.

My Road to Functional Nutrition

I get it. This was me after having two kids and trying to get back into a regular running and fitness routine. I was determined to get back to my “old self” at any cost, and didn’t realize the symptoms I was experiencing was more than just normal motherhood fatigue. When I finally DID realize something was off, I had to search out numerous doctors before one could see what was going on. And even then, I ended up having to be my own advocate, do my own research, and order my own tests to get them to see what was going on.

Health exists on a spectrum.

It’s not that your doctor is ignoring you. It’s that conventional healthcare is set up to cure disease, and in this model, there is a black and white line between health and sick. In reality, health exists on a spectrum. You can feel tired and bloated and moody, and at the same time there is something you can do about it! You do not have to accept things as they are until they get to the point of disease, medication, autoimmunity, and lifelong struggles.

It’s not that you need to have a diagnosis before you can feel better. It’s that you need someone to listen, to truly hear what is going on, and to help you craft a plan to get to where you want to be.

That may involve functional lab tests, including minerals, micronutrients, stool, and hormone testing to get to the root cause of what is causing your symptoms.

This is how you finally start to get answers and feel better.

This is how you live a life that is vibrant, full, and joyful. Through having your truth heard, shifting your mindset about healing, getting physical answers from testing, and working little by little to create the life you want.

Interested in what functional testing has to offer and what test might be right for you? Contact me and let’s chat about your options!


A GI MAP + root cause gut healing program to give you targeted testing and actionable steps for FAST and LASTING restoration of the gut microbiome.

It’s time to get to the root cause of your gut and hormone issues for GOOD.

Have you struggled with constipation for so long and nothing works? Or you are dependent on laxatives, fiber supplements, or caffeine to keep things moving?

Have you been diagnosed with SIBO, candida, H, Pylori and treated it only to have it come right back afterward?

Maybe your gut issues are more mild. You have chronic heartburn or acid reflux and are always taking Tums or probiotics to keep it at bay. Or you’ve limited your food choices to prevent it from happening at all.

Maybe your gut is fine but your periods are debilitating each month or you’ve had gallbladder issues or horrible allergies or chronic anxiety and mood swings.

Guess what?

These are also signs that the gut needs some support. We treat all of this by looking at digestion, the gut microbiome, the liver and detoxification pathways, and targeted nutrition.

Clients that have gone through CULTIVATE have:

  • gone from chronic constipation to daily elimination
  • cleared up hormonal acne
  • eliminated PMS
  • healed candida without restrictive diets
  • gained energy to play with their kids
  • gone from bloated and unable to eat meat to eating steak and chicken with ease
  • been able to run a marathon without crapping their pants
  • reduced anxiety
  • gone off anti depressant medication
  • reduced IBD flares

GI MAP stool testing provides the data on the current status of your microbiome to help see where in the digestive process there is dysbiosis or a breakdown in optimal absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

It allows insight into the balance of good vs bad bacteria in your gut. It helps us see pathogens, parasites, yeast, and fungal overgrowth. It also shows signs of gluten tolerance, inflammation, and stomach acid levels so we can get to the physical root cause of your GI distress.

This personalized data plus the education provided in CULTIVATE will set you on the path to long term symptom relief, healing, and goal chasing.

CULTIVATE includes:

  • 1 GI MAP stool test kit mailed to your home
  • Assessment of results by a trained and credentialed dietitian
  • A custom protocol of next steps to support your goals
  • The complete CULTIVATE program curriculum to support implementing your custom protocol

Price: $827

Want just functional testing?

Get fast, thorough answers for your hormone-related symptoms. Offering HTMA, DUTCH, and GI MAP testing and analysis.

Receive a test kit by mail, complete it as instructed, and get your results analyzed by Stephanie who then provides customized recommendations and secure chat support for a week, along with discounts on high-quality supplements.

Completed tests must be submitted within 3 months of this purchase. Testing is available a la carte for clients who want to add on testing to existing coaching packages or those who just want answers to implement on their own time. If you are interested in testing with coaching support but not ready for full 1:1 VIP nutrition coaching, check out my online programs.

“I have been struggling nutritionally through Candida and trying to fuel my body for workouts and daily life. I knew I needed help! I was excited to do the HTMA so I could have a plan in place. I’ve been on a struggle bus for far too long. I’m excited to try something different and get my body back.” – Jessica

“I was flagged by my endocrinologist as being “iron deficient” due to low ferritin levels in my routine blood work. An appointment with a hematologist and four iron infusions later, supposedly I was good to go. Except I wasn’t.

Stephanie recommended that I do HMTA testing to see what was actually going on in my body. I had an iron dysregulation problem. Since that discovery, I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin was settled and back to normal within a month. My energy is back up again too, and my hair is not falling out in chunks anymore. 

I wanted to share this so that others know that there’s hope! I strongly believe that every athlete needs a coach AND a dietitian. They are not the same thing, and they are both crucial for overall health and optimal performance. Stephanie is a diamond because she’s a dietitian who is an athlete.” – Megan

“I know how to maintain my well-being now: what to eat, what to avoid, how to protect my sleep, how to manage stress, and how to be kind to my body.

Stephanie accomplished what rheumatologists, physical therapists, and acupuncturists couldn’t. She gave me a holistic nutritional and fitness makeover. She’s knowledgeable and, most importantly, she really cares.” – Monica