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Is constantly looking for new meal ideas stressing you out?

Are you a tired mama that is just sick and tired of meal planning but still wants to have easy, healthy meals to make for your family?

If you’re ready for a new way to meal plan, this guide will help you discover:

  • which foods are proteins, fats, and fiber to help build your own balanced meals
  • flavor ideas to reimagine foods in a new way
  • grocery lists, meal guides, and notes to keep track of what you know you need to reach your goals


Ready to prioritize breakfast and increase your protein intake so you can curb cravings, regulate blood sugar, and lower your cortisol levels?

Grab these 5 high protein breakfast recipes, all of which use minimal ingredients, and can be prepped ahead in minutes for a full week of balanced meals to start your day!


For access to reputable supplements, I recommend using Fullscript!

5 Days to Beat the Bloat for Good

Grab my free email training to learn the best ways to get rid of bloating and optimize your digestion in just 5 days…

… without fancy testing or supplements!


Are you ready for answers to your digestive issues that are valid and don’t require fancy supplements or fad diets? Here are the answers to:

  • 3 everyday habits that are absolutely required for gut health
  • How to leverage the gut-brain connection for digestive relief
  • Which foods feed the gut and which set it on fire


If you’re looking for nervous system education & journaling, I recommend Your Daily.


Getting to the root cause of your physical issues starts with understanding your stress history. This stress assessment worksheet is the first step I use with clients to pinpoint the trigger of where the physical symptoms are coming from. This opens the door for true, lasting healing.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

The key to habit change is stacking new habits on to existing ones, aka “habit stacking.”

This guide will give you all the tips to get started forming the health supporting habits you’re after in a way that actually STICKS without changing your entire life around.


I highly recommend Lindywell’s Pilates and Breathwork classes.

Nutrition Guide for Mother Runners

Get my top 3 tips for fueling training and everyday running, with specific calculations so that you can fuel your next PR with confidence!

Not a mother, but looking for endurance nutrition tips? These absolutely apply to you as well!


If you want to improve your endurance and your running performance, knowing your iron levels is crucial. But iron deficiency is way more than low serum iron or low ferritin on labs.

Not sure if you’re dealing with low iron or iron dysregulation? Grab this checklist to see if there is more to the picture!