1:1 Nutrition for Female Runners

Let’s build a roadmap to help you achieve your running goals.


You want to get back on track with your running goals. But life is busy.

If you’ve been chasing a race PR with no success, there is hope!

Do you feel like you’ve done everything right to train, yet race day still never goes quite the way you intended? You followed the training plan exactly, you got enough rest, you cross trained, foam rolled, carb loaded, and yet your goal still seems so far away.

You might be thinking you need to train harder or adopt a keto diet to use fat for energy or rethink your goals. You analyze every little piece of the months of training to find that one thing that’s going to shift everything for you. But it’s not working harder or restricting your diet or giving up on your goals.

Just like you have a training plan that tells you exactly what to run, when to go easy, when to push the pace, you also need a fueling plan to give your body the energy it needs to reach those workout paces.

How you fuel your body is more important to the success of your race than your training plan.

If you are going to spend 16 weeks training for a race, pouring all you have into the process of working toward a goal that tests your body, mind, and spirit, you cannot ignore the biggest tool to ensuring your success: your nutrition plan!

This is how you finally reach that race PR. This is the missing piece. Training isn’t effective without fuel.

Half & Full Marathon Training Fueling Plans

For female runners who want a written out plan for training and racing fueling that they can take and implement on their own with a little support. Includes monthly coaching to adjust fueling as needed throughout the training cycle.

Can customize for HALF or FULL marathon plans. For plans that extend beyond 16 weeks, additional support via optional month to month coaching is available.

Endurance Fueling Plans Include:

  • 16 weeks of nutrition coaching
  • one 12-24 week fueling plan, dependent on training cycle (must provide training plan to Stephanie Darby RD upon purchase)
  • one race day specific fueling and hydration plan
  • custom macro calculations for the duration of training cycle (will fluctuate with training)
  • access to Cronometer Pro for duration of training cycle
  • monthly online check ins with personalized feedback to gauge nutrition needs throughout the training cycle
  • ongoing online chat access for questions and support
  • access to Functional Foundations mini course modules.

Price: $749

Online Running Programs

For female runners wanting to DIY their own nutrition plans:

  • Fuel Like a Mother Runner
  • Digestion for Runners

1:1 VIP Coaching

Ideal if you have recurrent concerns we need to troubleshoot before getting to race day (such as iron deficiency, thyroid imbalances, hormone issues, recurrent injuries, history of dieting or under fueling). VIP coaching includes a custom fueling plan for your training and race.

“I have been struggling nutritionally through Candida and trying to fuel my body for workouts and daily life. I knew I needed help! I was excited to do the HTMA so I could have a plan in place. I’ve been on a struggle bus for far too long. I’m excited to try something different and get my body back.” – Jessica
“I was flagged by my endocrinologist as being “iron deficient” due to low ferritin levels in my routine blood work. An appointment with a hematologist and four iron infusions later, supposedly I was good to go. Except I wasn’t.

Stephanie recommended that I do HMTA testing to see what was actually going on in my body. I had an iron dysregulation problem. Since that discovery, I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin was settled and back to normal within a month. My energy is back up again too, and my hair is not falling out in chunks anymore. 

I wanted to share this so that others know that there’s hope! I strongly believe that every athlete needs a coach AND a dietitian. They are not the same thing, and they are both crucial for overall health and optimal performance. Stephanie is a diamond because she’s a dietitian who is an athlete.” – Megan

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