1:1 Female Athlete Nutrition Coaching

Life with more energy, better health, and more JOY awaits!


You just want to feel your best. But life seems to have other plans.

I get it. And I’ve even been there myself. As a mom, runner, and everyday athlete, I’ve needed help navigating life’s various stages: postpartum, raising kids, lack of energy, changes in my body, and everything in between. 

If you’re struggling to get back into your fitness routine after having kids, or you’re feeling like something is “off” with your body but your doctor isn’t listening… This is the place for you. I don’t want you to resign yourself to a life of fatigue, gut problems, and movement challenges. Instead, I want to help you reach your physical goals — whether that’s getting back into your beloved physical activities or reaching your level of optimal health.

You deserve to unsubscribe from the frustrating cycle of different doctors, zero answers, and resorting to what you’ve always been told about your body. You deserve to feel your best.

Using my experience as a Registered Dietitian, knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and hormones, I’ll help you create a roadmap that helps you reach your goals and enjoy life (and movement) again!


A comprehensive, 6-month plan designed for you and your fitness goals.



We will focus on the basics of nutrition, setting foundations with food and mindset. We’ll also look at current symptoms in relation to activity levels, sleep, and stress.



Once we get your lab results, we can begin to identify and treat root causes. I create a custom plan based on your experiences, your symptoms, and your test results. No cookie cutter protocols here!



This phase is where we start to see symptom relief from all your great work! We build on the habits we’ve established and look ahead toward next steps and big picture goals.



It’s time to focus on what you want next as you continue on your own to sustain health and live joyfully. We’ll start to work on your fitness goals, if you have them, now that your body is healthy and primed for performance.

What to expect when we work together

I know that working with a Registered Dietitian and nutrition coach might feel overwhelming. But I make it super easy to work together, focusing on your current health and where you want to be in 6 months.


We’ll have an hour-long video call, where we’ll review your completed intake forms, walk through your six-month plan, and review testing and lab work, as needed. We’ll also discuss future communication plans and set expectations for both you and me.


During your 6-month coaching plan, we’ll communicate consistently through weekly check-in emails. I’ll ask you questions, share resources, and provide personalized guidance regarding your fitness, training, nutrition, and hormones.


We’ll conduct follow-ups and check-ins via 30-minute phone calls, where we will discuss how you’re feeling, talk about changes, and celebrate progress! These calls give me a chance to get a better sense of your current state beyond our weekly check-in emails.


After your 6-month coaching plan, if you want to continue your health journey with me, we can discuss options for month-to-month coaching and individual follow-up sessions. Please note that all clients must complete 6 months of coaching before requesting or scheduling monthly coaching or follow-up sessions.



1:1 Athlete Nutrition Coaching

A six-month coaching commitment where we take your goals and break them down, building a foundation that will take you from fatigued and confused to symptom-free and thriving.

This package includes:

  • One 75 minute initial consultation
  • Five 30 minute phone calls
  • Weekly online check ins
  • Ongoing communication, support, and accountability
  • Personalized nutrition education based on individual goals
  • Personalized macro calculations and advanced metric tracking
  • Access to online education modules
  • A $500 testing credit good toward either HTMA, GI MAP, DUTCH, or micronutrient testing

Three month coaching:  $2,775

Six month coaching:  $5,550

*Payment plans available, ask for details!

**Currently taking applications for Fall 2023.

Other ways to work with me:

Half & Full Marathon Training Fueling Plans

For female runners who want a written out plan for training and racing fueling that they can take and implement on their own with a little support. Includes monthly coaching to adjust fueling as needed throughout the training cycle.

Can customize for HALF or FULL marathon plans. For plans that extend beyond 16 weeks, additional support via optional month to month coaching is available.

Endurance Fueling Plans Include:

  • 16 weeks of nutrition coaching
  • one 12-24 week fueling plan, dependent on training cycle (must provide training plan to Stephanie Darby RD upon purchase)
  • one race day specific fueling and hydration plan
  • custom macro calculations for the duration of training cycle (will fluctuate with training)
  • access to Cronometer Pro for duration of training cycle
  • monthly online check ins with personalized feedback to gauge nutrition needs throughout the training cycle
  • ongoing online chat access for questions and support
  • access to Functional Foundations mini course modules.

Price: $749

Online Programs

For female athletes and active mamas who want support to nourish their bodies, fuel their fitness goals, and feed their lives as they age well.

The online program library includes self-paced courses, masterclasses, and resources to fit whatever stage of the journey you are currently on. New programs are added quarterly, so be sure to get on the email list to be the first to hear when new programs are released and for early bird discounts.

Program library is currently expanding to include options to: 

  • fuel your next training cycle
  • handle digestion and GI issues
  • optimize metabolic health
  • build foundations of functional health
  • understand hormones and how to troubleshoot concerns
  • making mental shfits for healing and performance
  • combining mind. body, + spiritual health
  • and more!

Functional Testing: Custom Assessment & Protocol

Fast, thorough answers for your hormone-related symptoms. Offering HTMA, DUTCH, and GI MAP testing and analysis.

Functional Testing Packages Include:

  • thorough intake and MSQ forms to get health history
  • One test kit mailed to your home with instructions on how to complete for best results
  • Results review and analysis by a qualified functional nutrition practitioner
  • Customized protocol recommendations based on test analysis
  • HIPAA secure chat access with Stephanie for 1 week after results review is delivered to be used for any questions directly related to your protocol
  • Discounts on the highest quality supplements via my professional dispensary with Fullscript

Completed tests must be submitted within 3 months of this purchase.

“I have been struggling nutritionally through Candida and trying to fuel my body for workouts and daily life. I knew I needed help! I was excited to do the HTMA so I could have a plan in place. I’ve been on a struggle bus for far too long. I’m excited to try something different and get my body back.” – Jessica

“I was flagged by my endocrinologist as being “iron deficient” due to low ferritin levels in my routine blood work. An appointment with a hematologist and four iron infusions later, supposedly I was good to go. Except I wasn’t.

Stephanie recommended that I do HMTA testing to see what was actually going on in my body. I had an iron dysregulation problem. Since that discovery, I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin was settled and back to normal within a month. My energy is back up again too, and my hair is not falling out in chunks anymore. 

I wanted to share this so that others know that there’s hope! I strongly believe that every athlete needs a coach AND a dietitian. They are not the same thing, and they are both crucial for overall health and optimal performance. Stephanie is a diamond because she’s a dietitian who is an athlete.” – Megan

“I know how to maintain my well-being now: what to eat, what to avoid, how to protect my sleep, how to manage stress, and how to be kind to my body.

Stephanie accomplished what rheumatologists, physical therapists, and acupuncturists couldn’t. She gave me a holistic nutritional and fitness makeover. She’s knowledgeable and, most importantly, she really cares.” – Monica

You deserve to have more energy and joy in your days. Ready to do it together?

Fill out the form below to apply for 1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Services!

I’ll respond to all requests within 1-2 business days. Be on the lookout for an email from me – I look forward to connecting with you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Female Athlete Nutrition Coaching

Will my insurance cover these coaching & running services?

It depends! While I do not take insurance, I am always happy to create a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Are you local and in-person, or is everything virtual?

Although I proudly live in Colorado, all of my coaching services are done virtually and I welcome clients from all across the US. All sessions are done via a HIPAA secure telehealth portal, which allows for client privacy, ease of scheduling, and access to clients across the country.

Is hormone testing included with your services? Which tests do you order?

Depending on the service, functional lab testing is included. Some testing can be ordered a la carte. I currently offer HTMA, GI MAP, DUTCH, specialty labs, and micronutrient testing.

What’s the difference between Endurance Coaching and Functional Nutrition Coaching?

Most of my coaching process is the same between the two. For women who are avid runners and potentially want to race again, I develop more specific training and nutrition recommendations because running has different impacts on the body vs. general fitness. For women who have more complex symptoms and need for functional lab testing, or who simply want to get back into a fitness routine, I develop recommendations based on those unique goals.

Do you have iron deficiency or iron dysregulation?

Copper, magnesium, and iron play critical roles in energy production. If you want to improve your endurance and your running performance, knowing your iron levels is crucial. Unfortunately, iron deficiency is more common in women — especially after childbirth.

Not sure if you’re dealing with low iron or iron dysregulation? Download my checklist to see if your symptoms line up, and then book a discovery call and let’s chat! I’d love to connect and learn if I can help!