Unleash Your Potential with Functional Nutrition: Nourish Your Body, Fuel Your Life, and Achieve Your Goals with Ease

Functional nutrition and hormone health for active women.


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Are you craving a life with more energy, better health, and more JOY?

Hi! I’m Stephanie Darby, a registered dietitian and your coach for all things fitness, nutrition, and performance.

As a woman, you have a lot of titles. Wife. Mom. Employee. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Athlete.

Life is busy — but you’re ready to find time for yourself, your health, and the activities you love. You want to spend time taking care of yourself, inside and out, and understanding more about your body and its needs. You want more time to just be and feel your best, and to perform at a higher level, whether in your everyday life or in active performance.

That’s where I come in. 

Through 1:1 coaching, I help women from all walks of life feel like their best selves – physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’ll work together to help you achieve your fitness goals by optimizing your nutrition and hormone health. I’ll help you get down to the root cause of what’s holding you back, so you can heal for good.

Let’s create a coaching plan for you and your unique goals.

Because you deserve it.


Want support for your running, nutrition, or hormone health?

Fuel Your Best Life Program

For women looking for education along your journey to revive your body, cultivate a healthy gut microbiome, flourish in mind and spirit, and reach your  goals.


Functional Testing: Custom Assessment & Protocol

You KNOW something is off, but you cannot pinpoint what it is exactly or what to do about it.


Half & Full Marathon Training Fueling Plans

Just like you have a training plan that tells you exactly when to run, you also need a fueling and nutrition plan.


When we work together, we’ll…

  • Define your fitness goals
  • Identify the root cause of current symptoms
  • De-stigmatize diet culture
  • Embrace nutrition for your body and goals
  • Create work / life / family / fitness balance
  • Adopt a holistic view of your health
  • Set expectations and boundaries
  • Communicate through a HIPAA-secure portal
  • Find more joy in your life
  • Watch your goals come to fruition

Learn the Best Ways to Get Rid of Bloating and Optimize Your Digestion

… without fancy testing or supplements!

Have you struggled with bloating or constipation for so long, you’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked? Or you are dependent on laxatives, fiber supplements, or caffeine to keep things moving? Are you tired of not knowing if you’ll fit into your clothes today or not, anxious about social situations and eating out, and just want some relief?

Grab my free training for 5 ways to beat the bloat and fix your digestion in just 5 days.

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